Recovery yoga for runners

In the USA, the long week-end of the 4th of July is behind us. In France, the long week-end is just ahead as, Monday, it's the 14th of July. For runners, long week-end often means long run. Long week-end or not, we always need a nice stretch to fight the familiar muscle pain and soreness which go with long run. Here, you go!

Yoga and me

It occurs to me that we never spoke about yoga, here. And still, there are so many things to say about it. The fact is, I didn't really know how to start. So, what about beginning with how I started practicing yoga?

Next races

  • NONE

Miles / km

  • 1 mile = 1.6 km / 1 km = 0.6 mile
  • 5K = 3.1 miles
  • 10K = 6.2 miles
  • half marathon = 13.1 miles = 21.1 km
  • marathon = 26.2 miles = 42.2 km