Swimming pool adventures - time to take a dip

Changing rooms: check. Reaching the pool and taking a look at the lifeguards: check and check. The only thing left to do is to jump in! (Oh, you're late? Go read that. We'll warm up while waiting for you.)

Swimming pool adventures

Running, cycling... essentially solitary activities. We could think that, for swimming, it's the same deal. Not really. The pool, the changing rooms, we share them. And it can turn into bizarre, funny, annoying or truly irritating situations. So, come with me to the swimming pool!

Triathlon tips - CYCLING: how to get used to clipless pedals

How to get started with clipless pedals and how to get used to them? That's the subject of my new video. I shot it while we still were in California but I didn't find time to make the mounting before last week. Sorry about that. I hope it will still be useful for some of you (even if summer is almost over).

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Miles / km

  • 1 mile = 1.6 km / 1 km = 0.6 mile
  • 5K = 3.1 miles
  • 10K = 6.2 miles
  • half marathon = 13.1 miles = 21.1 km
  • marathon = 26.2 miles = 42.2 km