Stuck in a rut - How to find the way out?

You know the Duracell Bunny, right? Well, usually, that's about me. Except, a few weeks back (around holidays season), I ran out of juice. Dead batteries. No more energy. It lasted for days, then weeks. No energy leads to bad runs which leads to loss of motivation. I was stuck in a rut. I fought through it but it's been a struggle to definitely leave it behind me (not sure it IS behind me, even right now). I took some actions which seem like they made the trick. Let's talk about it.

Next races

  • NONE

Miles / km

  • 1 mile = 1.6 km / 1 km = 0.6 mile
  • 5K = 3.1 miles
  • 10K = 6.2 miles
  • half marathon = 13.1 miles = 21.1 km
  • marathon = 26.2 miles = 42.2 km