#RAPOGWARRIOR S02E02: Running workout - hill repeats

I'm back to share with you one of my favorite workouts: the hill repeats. As you can tell, it's about hill training. It's not an easy workout but I do really appreciate it. Hard but rewarding, and great to spice things up! Come with me on one of my hill repeats workout.

#RAPOGWARRIOR S02E01: Boston Marathon, by the numbers

Finally! Yes, I FINALLY come back to you with the 1st video of season 2 of my #rapogwarrior adventures. As you know, season 2 is about the Boston Marathon. I thought it would be nice to start with a little presentation of this marathon, and I decided to do it by the numbers.

Running safely in the countryside

Since back to France, we are living in the countryside. Nature, calm, space. All of that is true. Still, running there is not as peaceful as we may think it is. Narrow and windy roads, no roadsides. That's also part of the running in the French countryside experience. So, yes, it's beautiful out there, but not necessarily safe. To feel as secure as possible while running, I came up with new running habits.

#RAPOGWARRIOR is back - Season 2 starts now

You've been here for season 1, my first marathon, the Santa Barbara Marathon, in November 2014. It took time, but here it is. Season 2 is coming. Get ready. It starts now!

Ronde Givrée, 01/31/16 - a relay race in my hometown, Castres

On Sunday 01/31, I pinned a bib on my running shirt for the first time of the year. It's been a while. You should not bet on me to get motivated for a race in January. But this race was a bit special. It was a relay race and I did it with members of my family. Go, team "RAPOG on the go"!

Next races

  • NONE

Miles / km

  • 1 mile = 1.6 km / 1 km = 0.6 mile
  • 5K = 3.1 miles
  • 10K = 6.2 miles
  • half marathon = 13.1 miles = 21.1 km
  • marathon = 26.2 miles = 42.2 km