Summer '16: Wild boars, a rock, a knee, and a visa

The frisky mornings are back to remind us fall is definitely here. Still, I'm here to talk about my summer 2016. Summer 2016... how can I best sum it up? The least I can say is that it was not a pleasure cruise.

As far as working out is concerned, my summer followed the pattern of my difficult spring. Not a piece of cake. I was still fighting against it but a rock decided it was over. Knock-out. End of the fight.

Wild boars, a rock and a knee

The playboy is the one who specializes in falling while running. I stopped counting his falls a while ago. We always end up laughing about it as he never injured himself.

On the other hand, I had never fallen. Well, until this beautiful sunny morning of August 2016. And of course I did it properly.

I was on a long run. Long run on every aspect... I won't tell you again about my new way of running. To avoid being too depressed about it, I now run mostly on trails. It's not an even pace. We obviously go slower. And, cherry on the cake, there's no car.

No car for sure but still other dangerous things: the local wildlife, aka the wild boars. I had been introduced to them a few weeks before. My path had met the one of a dozen of them. Seriously, it's scary. These animals are big. And believe me, when you see what they do on the grounds and the plants, you don't want them to target you.

So, on this nice Wednesday morning of August, I was running and stopping multiple times with the excuse of a photo for Instagram or a video for Snapchat. And all of a sudden, I noticed 2 wild boars, right next to me. I immediately ran away from them and they did the same. To get back to my senses, I stopped a few minutes later and shared my adventure with you on Snapchat (I decided to give it a try in July and since then I'm sharing with you my fabulous adventures: MarjolaineRAPOG, per usual).

And I carried on running, still a bit shaken up. I was full on aware of my surroundings. I knew the trail I discovered early on in summer. I got to the rocky part of it, on an uphill section which was about to offer me a beautiful view on the vineyards and the pine trees.

And my right foot hit a rock. I lost my balance. I clearly remember that during the fall I realized I would not be able to avoid it. I fell. My right knee and right shoulder hit the rocks on the ground. It hadn't been violent or painful. I immediately turned on the side to get on my back. I saw my knee... and understood the run was over.

My knee was deeply cut, right to the bone. I immediately reacted and replaced the skin to close the wound. I wanted to make sure the bleeding was the least it could be.

2nd reaction: calling the playboy. We live in the countryside and only have one car. The playboy uses the car to go to work, 25 minutes away. He would have to come get me to go to the ER. So the sooner he would leave work, the better.

You have to know I'm not at ease with blood, medical stuff and all that kind of things. Well, on this one, I stayed calm. I was alone, on the trails, the first road 1 or 2 miles away. I had no intention to end up being eaten my wild boars!

Very calmly, I said to the playboy: “I fell. My knee is deeply open. I will need stitches. Come get me to go to the ER.” I hadn’t thought yet about how the playboy would be able to get to me on the trails or how I would be able to reach the road.

That’s when the playboy asked for more details that the reality of the situation struck me. I almost fainted. I laid down on my side and I shortly felt better.

I finally thought about moving from here. Was I able to move my knee? Was I able to stand up? Then, to walk? I would have been sorry to call for help to get me. Just because I tripped over a rock…

I managed to stand up. I can’t really tell how, but I also managed to move forward avoiding moving my knee too much. I found a trail to cut through the vineyards to reach the road faster.

I went down the rocky trails, limping, and I reached the road. No idea how I did that. But I did it. A car passed without stopping. I guess a girl with a bloody knee on the side of the road is not that much disturbing (or I may have scared the driver…).

All in all: 6 stitches, nothing broken, 2 weeks with no sport at all before removing the thread of the stitches. At the end, I needed a whole month to be able to run again, and a few weeks more to go on a bike ride and to the pool (I could not immerse my knee before the wound was totally closed). And, well, it was painful.

The day of the fall, I managed to walk down the trails, to walk in the ER, but then, I could not move. Bending or activating my knee was too painful. Try activating your thigh without activating your knee. Not possible.

Staying inactive? No. The day after, I was… may I say walking?… not really… let’s just say moving. First backwards, dragging my right leg along. Then, on the side, still dragging my leg along. It was funny to watch…

I got into hiking. That's usually not my thing. But I had to do something. And it was the only thing I could do. So... And, actually, I learnt to appreciate it! I was going out with small goals in mind: picking up wild berries, thyme, rosemary (or going to the one and only Pokestop in the village).

It took me a whole month to walk normally again. Now, it's only when I bend my knee at the max that I feel it's tight, and the skin on the scar is sensitive.

My scar will always be here to remind me about my summer in the south of France, surrounded by wild boars and rocks.

A visa

Summer '16 will also be reminded as an important one for the playboy and I for a major reason sealed by a visit to an embassy in Paris.

The US embassy.

On September 7th, we finalized our administrative journey to be able to call the USA, and so California, home.

What's next?

The last documents had been received. We organized our international move. The beginning of fall tasted like a familiar flavor. But, this time, we hope we won't live that again for a long while.

Our belongings are somewhere on a ship. Rox (my bike) is already enjoying the Californian sun. A week ago, we said goodbye to our quiet life in the countryside. We landed at my parents' house with our 6 suitcases and the last things we had to give away.

It's goodbye time again. We are used to it. We did it multiple times already. It doesn't make it easier... quite the opposite. But we assume the choice we made. We want to live thousand miles away from our families, there are concessions to make.

In particular, I will leave my sister behind. She's suffering from a strange disease which makes her belly grow. We are thinking about aerophagy...

(Alright, there's actually a little miss growing up inside. Obviously her favorite aunty (ME) is already ready to teach her how to run, swim and ride a bike. At least.)

These last few days, we escaped for a mini road trip in the South East of France. We wanted to have a taste of the small villages and countryside roads of Provence. So French. And then it will be time to go to Paris, make a visit to the playboy's parents in Reims, and take our flight for Los Angeles on Sunday.

California, here we come back! I will exchange the rocks for the sand, and the wild boars for the rattlesnakes.
Are you ready to get back to the Californian blue sky with me?

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