Do you know Pilates? I've been practicing it for more than 5 years now. It's my favorite strength training activity. But when I mention Pilates to people, I often get a blank stare as a response. People heard about it but don't really know what it really is. The best way to find out is to try it. So, get ready, I'll show you a few exercices, in this new video.

Before starting

I said it in the video but in French. So, I write it down here too. I am NOT a Pilates instructor. I have NO certification. My only goal is to share with you some moves I learnt during my 5 years of practice in order for you to get an idea of what is Pilates and if it could be an efficient and likable workout for you. I know it could be hard and overwhelming to go and push the door of a Pilates studio!

So be warned you are the only one responsible for your health and safety if you decide to do the exercices shown in the video.

The workout

The exercices target 3 body parts, one after the other:
- LOWER BODY (glutes and legs)

Duration: 30 minutes

It's, for sure, a different kind of video but I hope you'll enjoy it. I'd be curious to know who actually did or intend to do the workout. Let me know!
Did you already know Pilates? If not, do you want to try it after watching the video? Share with me!

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