#RAPOGWARRIOR S02E02: Running workout - hill repeats

I'm back to share with you one of my favorite workouts: the hill repeats. As you can tell, it's about hill training. It's not an easy workout but I do really appreciate it. Hard but rewarding, and great to spice things up! Come with me on one of my hill repeats workout.

The workout

- 10-15 min warm up
- hill repeats
- 10-15 min cool down

The hill repeats


- running up and down a hill multiple times
- running uphill fast
- running downhill easy to rest
- no stop between the repeats


- the length of the hill
- the percentage of the hill
- the number of repeats


- choose a longer and gentle hill to train for long distance races
- choose a shorter and steeper hill to train for shorter races


- you have to work hard
- pace is difficult but will have to be adjusted depending on the hill (gentle or steep, number of repeats)
- pace is close to maximal pace


- go easy
- be CAREFUL as running downhill is dangerous and pro-injury, even more when you are tired


- start doing hill repeats on the road (not on trails like me)
- gentle hill
- 4 repeats

The benefits of hill training

- great strength training

- enhancement of the cardiovascular system

- good workout to prepare for speed training

- mental strength enhancement

- mix things up

I hope you enjoyed reading more about this workout and learned a few things. Don't hesitate to comment and share your questions and thoughts with me.
Don't forget: The more the hills, the better!

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