#RAPOGWARRIOR is back - Season 2 starts now

You've been here for season 1, my first marathon, the Santa Barbara Marathon, in November 2014. It took time, but here it is. Season 2 is coming. Get ready. It starts now!

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Ok, it's in French, but you got the idea, right? I'm training for my 2nd marathon: the Boston Marathon, on April 18th 2016.

I want to take you with me in this adventure. I hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as I'll do (hopefully!). So, as I did for my first marathon, I'll post videos about different aspects of my training. That's what I call: season 2 of my marathon adventures.

[Go check my first marathon adventure, in videos, right there:

Quick recap: I qualified for Boston on my first marathon, in Santa Barbara, on 11/08/14.
[Full recap: [1/2] - [2/2] - [epilog]]

I had to wait until the Boston Marathon 2016 as the registrations for 2015 had already taken place and the event sold out. So, I waited until September 2015 to register. I got accepted and here I am, training for Boston!

Of course, my training already started. I focused on this goal as soon as I knew I got in. There's no specific date for the start of my training. I built my mileage in the fall, thinking about it. I'd say I planned my long runs progression starting in November. I'm trusting myself (which is not an easy thing to do!) and the knowledge I earned through my RRCA running coach certification for this training.

The Boston Marathon is on Monday 18th of April. The playboy will be there for me, once again. We will be flying out to Boston on the 14th and making it to Boston on the 15th. I don't know how my body will handle the jetlag AND this little thing I will ask him to do: a marathon. I can't know beforehand so I hope for the best. (BTW, if anyone has any experience about traveling to a race which is not in your usual time zone and has some tips, please, don't hesitate to share!)

I'm obviously excited about this challenge. I really don't know what to expect. I hope I'll manage to make you share it with me a bit. So, ready for this?

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