From what I heard, 2015 is over. So, welcome 2016! I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful time in 2016.

I start this new year with a bit disordered post. I know. Don't be mad at me. I decided to be more spontaneous and to stop waiting to write the perfect-to-me post before publishing. It's the "new year" effect.

I'm using the #2015bestnine IG buzz to look back at 2015 which just ended.

2015 summed up by 9 Instagram photos. The 9 most liked photos from my feed (@marjolainerapog). That's the ones you can see at the start of this post.

The least we can say is that there's clearly a theme. You like watching me running in the great outdoors, surrounded by stunning backgrounds. Well, fine by me! I LOVE it too.

One little thing. Can you explain me something about the photo you liked the most, the first one? I take it as a message to let me know my calves are more interesting to watch than my face. Am I right?

A photo posted by Marjolaine (@marjolainerapog) on

Anyway, it's right. In 2015, I had a blast running on the US West Coast trails.

Either, simply running on the surrounding Californian trails (well, when I could still call them my neighbor playground).

Or, taking the opportunity to run in National Parks while on vacation in Grand Canyon and Zion, in April.

Or, during our #rapog100 road trip, where we decided to say goodbye to the USA the best way possible: by running on the trails of North California and Oregon.

It doesn't show on the 9 IG photos, but 2015 has also been the year where I started triathlon. And it was GREAT GREAT GREAT. Here's a photo you've already seen. But, it has to be here too. Without a doubt, triathlon is really fun.

It was in June. First triathlon. Last race in California (and last race, for me, in 2015).

All of that was the positive side of 2015. But, 2015 was also a bit harsh and unsettling. We had to say goodbye to California.

Going back to France. Back to square one. Settling in somewhere. Again. Making concessions. Always. Because it's like that and, yes, we know, we don't really have to complain. Even if we sincerely try not to waste this time in France, there's still a bitter taste in our mouth thinking of our life we had to put on hold. 2 words crossed my mind: acceptance and resilience. That's 2015 for this part of our life.

I don't want to finish on a negative note. Because, I am not. I still believe and I (WE) are not giving up. If there's one thing I try to focus on, since 2015, it's getting to see the bright side of everything. I don't always succeed. Far from that. But I'm working on it.

2015: trail running / triathlon / restart. And now, let's see what 2016 has in store!

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