A long run... on the road

Last week, I did a long run. Something that happens... well, once a week. But, this time, I went back to my first love: the road. It has not happened in a while. Distance runs were done on the trails. So, last week, I just started off happy and carefree. But, while on the road, some obvious (general or personal) points came back to my mind.


A long run is LONG. Hence the name. (No need to thank me for this one.)

On the road, it feels longer than on trails. My explanation: you run at almost the same pace/tempo, totally different from the always changing tempo that is part of trail running fun.


On the road, you reach kind of a monotony which allows you to get into your thoughts (due to the almost never changing tempo). For a long time.

Personally, I love it. I can think about lots of things and, as my brain may not be oxygenated enough (or I'm just a bit dumb, it works as well), I need a very long time to get to the bottom of it. Well, that's good for a long run. I have plenty of time ahead of me (cf #1).

FYI, this post is 100% made in "last week long run". We have come full circle.


I need 7 to 9 miles to reach a point where I'm just cruising along. It's a bit long.

So, I'm wondering: how comes I am doing fine on my "normal" runs, knowing they are obviously shorter. Hhhuummm, well, I guess I'll have to think about that... next week, on my long run!


A long run on the road is tiring.

Way more tiring than on trails, for the same distance. Explanation? I don't really know but I came to these possible causes:
- we always use the same muscles
- we run faster overall
- the road is harsher on our body


On a windy long run, you came to hate wind.

Seriously, it's quite windy where I live. I can tell you you have to fight against the wind even while running.

On a bike ride, wind is my worst enemy. I clearly remember (once upon a time when I had a bike... Wait! Now, I DO have a bike. It's been a week. A road bike AND a bike of my own... #loveatfirstsight) rides on which I could have cried out of frustration.

Cyclist friends always tell me:
"Suck it up, buttercup!" Riding against the wind will make you a stronger cyclist.

I proclaim we can state the same for running.


A hill training workout, just for fun, the day before a planned long run? Plain STUPID.

Sometimes, I truly think there's something wrong with me.


It's clever to think about having fuel and water on hands.

Last week, I just took off. My little shorts and I. Let's just say a sip of water and/or a sugar boost may be a great helper at times.


Sometimes, a long run never clicks.

Sometimes it's hard from start to finish (last week). Other times, it just clicks and you cruise along (this week).

You never know!

Long runs... maybe a matter of love/hate relationship, but, in the end, it's where you get to the essence of running. What about you? What do you think about long runs?

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