Call me coach

Admit it, you're thinking: "She is such a show off!". Truthfully, I loved the idea of this post title. But, it's not the only reason. You actually can call me coach. I've been certified as a running coach in California.

Let me explain. I've passed it in March. I never spoke about it in here because I didn't exactly know what I wanted to do with it, why, how... etc... I would have loved presenting you a plan of actions, precise and thoughtful projects, career plans and things like that. I wanted everything to be defined. I love working like that. Except you can wait a long time waiting for the perfect plan. So, no, I still don't have a perfectly planned idea of what I'll do with this certification. I know one thing: I love running and all that goes with it. I loved taking the course. I don't know if I'll use it professionally. But I know it already helped me.

My motivations

I wanted to tell you because I think it's good for you to know there's a real foundation behind what I say in here. It was also one of the plus sides of taking this course. The few times I spoke about technique on the blog, you can be sure I informed myself and checked the information. Still, I was not totally at ease with this exercise as I reckon you have to be sure of understanding before speaking. I think we need a bit of legitimacy (for ourselves and the others) to be able to give advice or explain things.

It's not a certification which transforms me into a "I know everything" girl. Far from it! I built myself a good foundation. We covered lots of subjects about running and coaching. I really liked the fact we were given various references and studies to go further. Lots of information and tools for us to carry on learning on our own.

The certification

RRCA stands for Road Runners Club of America. It's the largest and oldest running association in the USA. It's been founded in 1958 and is nationally recognized.

It was a 2-day course with studying and practical cases. Various subjects: coaching history, most famous coaching techniques, workouts, training plans, nutrition... etc... After the course we had a month to take an online exam. 100 questions and cases of study we could read and examine online whenever we want before validating them. Everything was not straightforward. Believe me I wasn't that confident when I clicked on VALIDATE at the end of the test. In parallel, we had to get a First Aid and CPR certification to get certified as a running coach.

I'm glad I took this course and proud of passing it. It's good to study again and even more for a subject I truly enjoy. It may not be such a big thing, but, anyway, it's a step towards a better understanding of this sport. I now have to consolidate it with experience and continued learning.

[More info?: Coaching program overview]

And now?

I use my knowledge for me: my workouts, my training plans. I also use it for my friends and family. In the summer, I started coaching my sister and her boyfriend to help them run their first 10K race.

We'll speak again, here, about the way I coached them. You may be interested in services like that?

Anyway, Sunday, I'll run a 10K. A special one as it will be my sister's first 10K. I'm proud of her for being involved in this project even if sports are my thing and not necessarily hers. I hope she'll get to experience a bit of what running and pushing ourselves can offer us. I will run by her side. Personal coach up to the finish line!

I want to finish on a special note for @capsule64 on Instagram. She jokingly calls me "coach" for a while. It made me smile and now I'm a little bit more legitimate for this title.

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