Triathlon training: Wetsuit and transition 1

Triathlon is a complex sport with lots of various aspects to think about. Each sport has its own specificities and you also have to take care of the transitions between the sports. We will speak about the wetsuit for the open water swim and training for the transition from the swim to the bike.

Last weekend, my training consisted in a swim/bike brick. It was the first time I tried that. It was interesting on various aspects:
- open water swim training
- T1 training
- checking out the Ventura Triathlon course

I took advantage of this training to shoot 2 videos: "how to get into a wetsuit" and "T1 training" (sorry, in French).


In open water, we usually swim with a wetsuit on. The first reason is: the cold water. Nevertheless, swimming with a wetsuit gives an other great advantage because it adds buoyancy and so swim effectiveness.

It's allowed in triathlon depending on water temperature. Most triathletes take the opportunity to swim with a wetsuit. But, there is a backdrop: getting off the wetsuit takes time. You'll see it by yourself in my video about T1.

A wetsuit has to be like a second skin. When we put it on, we feel the suction between the wetsuit and the skin. It's how it should be as it will avoid too much water to enter the wetsuit.

To put a wetsuit on is a training in itself. I'll show you in the video!


The transition from the swim to the bike is usually the longest one. First, you have to reach the transition area after exiting the water. In my case, it will involve running on the sand.

The other major difficulty: getting off the wetsuit.

You also have to coordinate your steps, not forget anything, try to go fast and still be efficient.

Here is my first attempt at T1. It's slow and not really optimized. But, that's how you learn!

Now, I know I have to change things:
- get rid of the swim cap/goggles, while running
- take care of putting the fuel in my pockets + race belt (I bought afterwards) before putting on the cycling shoes
- dry the feet all at once

I wanted to publish these videos before my triathlon. I hope it will help some of you who want to give triathlon a try or it may make you curious about this sport. Swimming in open water, training for the transitions are a part of all these things you have to think carefully about, train for and inform you about to get into triathlon.

From my little tiny tiny corner, all the different aspects of the 3 sports give triathlon an interesting complexity. I now have to confirm that. I'll have a better look at that, Sunday, on my first triathlon: Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon. Send me good vibes!

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