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Running, cycling, swimming, trail running... lots of fun for me, these last few months. My first motivation is having fun and enjoying being outdoors. It's working pretty well. Anyway, setting goals is not that bad either. So, let's see what June will bring for me.

Holcomb Valley Trail Run, 15 miles - 7th June 2015

15 miles, starting near Big Bear Lake (recreation lake in summer, ski resort in winter), East of Los Angeles, then a bit of fun in the San Bernardino Mountains. The playboy will take part into the fun, too.

I think we'll enjoy the different scenery: more trees, more mountainous than our usual playgrounds. As far as the starting altitude and the elevation profile of the race... not so sure we'll like this part. Tough one.

Neither of us has a time goal for the race. The only goal is to cross the finish line (meaning we survived) and to enjoy the run. We signed up to do a last trail run race before leaving the USA.

More information:
Holcomb Valley Trail Run

Ventura Triathlon - 28th June 2015

Yes, it's done. I signed up for a triathlon! No way my first triathlon would have taken place somewhere else than California.

The Ventura Triathlon offers 2 distances:
- sprint (750 m swim / 20 km bike / 5 km run)
- olympic (1.5 km swim / 40 km bike / 10 km run)

I still don't know which distance I will try. I signed up for the olympic distance, but only to be sure to have a spot if I decide to race this one. I still can drop down to the sprint.

My concerns are MAINLY about the swim leg. There are many reasons to that.

Open water in the ocean

(Am I the only one to be scared or what? At least, there's a boat to rescue me... - photo credits)

I still never swam in open water. Plus, open water in the ocean is even harder. I can't tell how I will react to it. I will try it, but there's not so much time left. I'm getting nervous.

Will I have a panic attack? Will I be able to breathe? Will I handle the waves? The currents? The navigation? I mean, there is no line, in the bottom of the ocean, to know you're on the right track...

Huge HUGE questioning.

The swim, my big weakness

I honestly don't under-estimate me when I tell you I am not a good swimmer. I know how to swim. I can handle the distance (both sprint and olympic swim distances, in the pool). But I'm really slow. As the playboy would so diplomatically point out about my swimming: "we can clearly see there's no power". I know he's right. I don't have strength in my arms. I never had. I gained some since I started going to the pool, but it's still not enough.

Add to that the fact the swim is the first leg of a triathlon. In my opinion, that's a good thing: most difficult part at the beginning, like that, it's done (or not if I can't finish it or if I drown). I assume most people who read me know what pre-race start nerves are: the heart beating hard for no reason, the shortness of breath. It's already hard to manage that in a running race. Imagine what it could lead to when you have to SWIM. It bloody scares me!

A competitive triathlon

The Ventura Triathlon is known to be a competitive one. The results of the previous years clearly prove it. It looks like it's a bit easier on the sprint distance (I guess because there are more first-timers)... but, still, times are good (and scary)! (I chose to do this one, anyway, because it's so close to my hometown)

How will I handle being quickly left behind and being the last one to exit the water? It won't please me, for sure. But, I have to make sure it won't make me panic and prevent me from finishing the swim (I'm not good at cycling either, but I know I can finish it). Sprint or olympic distance, same issue.

Olympic distance?

I know I can handle the bike and the run of an olympic triathlon, back to back. I do it in training. But with a 1.5K swim before? In open water? I have no idea. And that would be the challenge.

Sprint distance?

I trained, for each sport, on longer distances. If I speak only about running, I know I choose distance over speed. Will I be frustrated if I do the sprint distance? Will it be too "short"? BUT I have never done a triathlon before. I don't know how everything works. That's intimidating. I don't know how transitions work. I don't know if my body can handle the 3 sports all at once. It may be wiser to start on a short distance triathlon to get used to it.

Well, as you can tell, I didn't make up my mind yet. I reasonably can't take a decision before trying out open water swim. I'll do a triathlon. Which distance? Still to define.

More information:
Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon

Well... Looks like I have a lot on my plate. See you later, alligator! I have to go swimming/cycling/running ;-)

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