Vacation and road trip

Back from a road trip from California, to Arizona, to Utah and back. We had some family over and wanted to blow them away. I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong saying we succeeded. Let's have a look at our nice break.

Vacation and deadline

In France, we legally have 5 weeks of vacation. Here, in the USA, it's another story. But, we don't mind. We have the chance to live in a place where it feels like vacation, every week-end. Still, it was nice to leave our home and change our habits and scenery for a little while. Even I appreciated it.

At a personal level, this road trip was a landmark: fun's over. Our working visa deadline is dangerously approaching. I won't go into all the administrative details, the hopes and short-lived happiness resulting in nothing. One sure thing: at the end of July, we have to be out of the USA. Bye bye! Hasta la vista! (maybe?) Let's be clear: That pisses us off! The playboy and I already moved around a lot (together or not). It helped us define what we want/need and what we don't want/need as far as our living environment is concerned. We didn't land in California because an opportunity presented itself. We chose to go live there and we relentlessly looked for this opportunity. We were not wrong: California, and the place where we are living, are a perfect fit for us. Having to leave all of that behind is difficult to accept (even if we may be able to come back, but we don't know when).

So, with the end of this vacation, we are now entering an area of turbulence (at least for the following 3 months). Let's hope this little getaway gave us courage to face what's coming.

Road trip

(Click on each photo to enlarge)

San Francisco, CA

Death Valley National Park, CA

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Monument Valley Tribal Park, AZ

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Horseshoe Bend, UT

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Zion National Park, UT

Los Angeles, CA + Santa Monica, Venice Beach

8 people. 2 cars. Lots of miles. Lots of fun, too! (if you are following me on Instagram, you may already know what I'm talking about: we played at Mario Kart, in real life... no worries, banana peel is biodegradable and we were driving on a remote road). It is totally worth it.

Time off from sports?

Of course not! It's a question of sanity for me. I made my quads burn while widely opening my eyes. It was so great I'll need another entire post to tell you all about that. Soon!

So, who wants to come with me, and Spiky (That's my car! Of course it has a name, are you kidding me?!), for a wild road trip?

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