Triathlon - cycling: Pimp my bike

Triathlon means getting into cycling... for real. Your bike will soon become your BFF (you don't have any other choice). So, why not trying to get the most out of it? For that, mine needed a few upgrades. I'll show you.

Sure, for triathlon, a road bike is better. But I already had a bike, an hybrid: Giant Roam 3. I have no intention to change my bike until I'm 100% sure I like triathlon. So, I had to make it work with this one. I pimped my bike!

- smoother and thiner tires (GOAL: less friction, less weight)
- clipless pedals (GOAL: pedaling efficiency gain)

[Tires: Continental Grand Prix 4000S II - 28 mm / Pedals: Shimano - PD-R550 SPD-SL pedals / Shoes: Garneau - Women's Tri X-Speed II Shoes]

I can tell the new tires made a difference. Less weight, less resistance on the road, a smoother experience. They didn't make a rocket out of me but the ratio effort/result is definitely more fair.

As for the pedals... Where do I start? Actually, I'll write a post about it. Too many things to tell. In short: it's HARD.

I know, I know... You are so envious of my talents as a bike remodeler, but do not worry, I can help you! Just let me know and I'll come fix your bike.

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