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I would like to wish you all a happy new year. Start of a new year, let's have a look at what 2014 looked like.

New year, resolutions, look at the previous year. Do you do that? Personally, I don't really care about the new year. But, it's still a retrospective and reflective time for me as my birthday is on January. So, let's have a sporty look at my year 2014, in sunny California.

Strength training, Pilates and yoga

After more than 2 years practicing Pilates in a studio, I moved to California and discovered the joy of YouTube and its multiple strength training videos. It became my "thing". I tried various videos, YouTube channels, workouts. After looking around for a while, I came back to my true love: Pilates. Sophie is still my BFF. I have to admit I start to go round and round in circles. Not enough videos (my Pilates videos playlist). I may need to think about trying out the Pilates studio in my town.

This one almost makes me die, EVERY TIME...

Not a yoga year. My yoga practice has been reduced A LOT. I could say it stopped but it would be too sad. At the beginning of the year, I went to a class at the nearby studio. But it was exactly what I don't want in yoga. I didn't really look around for studios farther from home but more appropriate for me. Now, I only do yoga, once in a while, with videos from YouTube (told you it was my "thing"). But, it's not the same. I think it's not ideal to fully appreciate what yoga is all about. It's a shame because I know yoga was good for me and I loved it (less stress/strength training/stretching). I may need to bring it back into focus for 2015.

New sports: surf + trail running

The new sport of the year: surf. We waited for Spring/Summer before giving it a try. I loved it. It was something I dreamt about trying out for a LONG time. But, I was scared too. Let's be honest: I am not the new hype surfer. No hidden talents. But, it doesn't matter. I like being into the ocean. I like the sliding feeling on the wave. And I like the pride to stand up on the board. But, I am not fearless. And, yes, surfing is scary. It is not easy and overwhelming sometimes. On a surf board, you don't have control. The ocean has. The nice waves you admire from the beach are not so gentle once lying down on your board... I'll go back. That's for sure. Right now, I am not brave enough to face the cold water and the shivers after exiting the water.

Trail running. The playboy pushed us to start this one. And, there's no going back for him now. He didn't want to hear about a road race anymore. Me? I am not too picky when it's about being active and outside. So, clearly, I like it. I see it like a better version of hiking. I like hiking because: I am outside, I breathe fresh air, I like landscapes. I don't like it because: it can be monotonous, it's slow. With trail running, I have everything I like + I run. PER-FECT. BUT, it's hard, people. Everytime, I think I'll loose a lung/my quads/my calves. Fortunately, I found a trick to get a break: my photo/video for Instagram. My excuse to breath for 30 seconds (OK, 5 minutes...). Don't tell the playboy it's a trick, ok?

Christmas spirit on the trails 😍👍

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OF COURSE, my first love is still strong: road running. I need it. I like training, seeing a progression, in pace or in distance. I like working with a training plan and specific workouts.

My YouTube videos

I like being a clown. And I wanted you to follow my marathon journey in a different way (the entire playlist: Santa Barbara Marathon 2014). I am far from being good at making videos. It takes a lot of time. I would love to have the talents of a designer... but I don't have them. Anyway, I really liked shooting and mounting the videos. I hope you liked it too. I can clearly notice the video in which I do an ice bath is your favorite one. So, it seems you like watching me in difficult positions. I will remind that, because I strongly want to make more videos!

Here it is again, your favorite one...

My YouTube channel, right there: Marjolaine RAPOG.

My 2014 sporty highlight

My highlight (of the year as a whole actually) is clear. I am pretty sure you already know which one it is: my first marathon. What an extraordinary adventure! It was amazing. I want to get back to it to speak more about what I got from this first experience. I was surprised to know that my marathon was also the playboy's year highlight. I wouldn't have guessed it, but, it represented something for him too.

My race recap: 1/2 - 2/2 - epilog

And in 2015?

My new target: triathlon. I would like so SO much to get into this sport. The swimming pool and my bike are my new friennemies. It always takes me ages to think about doing something I would like to do, but once I finally decide to try, it's on. So, will I be able to do a triathlon? I don't know. Something's sure: I want to learn how to correctly swim and how to ride my bike, not only for a nice stroll.

Another marathon. I don't know when. I don't know where. But I want to get used to the distance in order to be able to enjoy the Boston marathon, in 2016.

New videos, from my wonderful land. We'll have fun (at least, you'll have...).

So, do you like my 2015 agenda? What did you think about the time spent with me, here, in 2014? Posts you really liked/posts you didn't quite enjoy so much? And, how about you? What was your sporty highlight of 2014? 2015, here we come!

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