And now... what will I do?

I have to face it. The marathon is over. I fell into this wonderful state called post marathon blues (THANKS A LOT). But, now, I have to move on. So, what do I do now?

Think ahead

Thinking ahead is one of my best skills. So, yeah, I had thought about what to do after the marathon. To stay in my right mind (and for the playboy's well being), I have to focus on a goal.

EXCEPT, my plan A was running a Boston qualifier. ALREADY DONE.

EXCEPT, we are 99% sure (the remaining 1% is me believing in the magic of life) to go back to France, at the end of July 2015. YEP. It shouldn't be permanent. How long? Undefined. It could take from 2 months to... 2 years? (that's possible) Where? No idea! The good news is we learned about that the week after my marathon. My runner high helped me digest the news oddly well. But, it's now taking its toll on us.

EXCEPT, mid-April, some family will be visiting us. It means a road trip and less time to train.

Taking all that into account, I have lots of things I would like to do before leaving. And only 4 monts + 3 months to do it all. I'll have to prioritize and make choices.

Playboys coaching

I decided to become a running coach, but for playboys ONLY. The good thing is I have one at hands to try on. For the first time in... EVER, the playboy asked me for help. I am under pressure. Even more because he asked me for help to train for a 30K trail race. I had the marathon. He chose a trail race. (Turning 30 is dangerous.)

In February, the playboy will run the Bandit Ultra Trail Run, 30K. Not a piece of cake:

I created a training plan based on lots of quads and calves burner workouts. He even accepted to introduce strength training into it. I take it VERY seriously. (The stars are aligned or something. I can't think about an other explanation.)

I tag along on his long runs, on the trails. It's a nice change to the road. I love the scenery (my quads and my calves not so much...). I stay active while trying to decide what to do.

Another marathon?

It took me 5-10 minutes after crossing the Santa Barbara Marathon finish line to know I would run another one. I have to live that again. It's so interesting. But, I already did it. I have my BQ for Boston 2016. I have other things I want to give a try. Is it possible to do everything?

Swim, bike, run?

If you've followed me for a while, you know triathlon has been in the back of my mind. Actually, it's there since I met Sébastien, in New Zealand, in 2009. He was into triathlon and shared his love for the sport with us (in March, he completed an Ironman). But, getting into triathlon is not as easy as running. Settling down somewhere helps a lot. It wasn't exactly my case until we moved to California.

California is the ideal place. I thought about it as soon as we landed here. I chose to put my focus on the marathon first. Now that we are sure to leave, I feel like it's now or never. But, first things first, I have to assess various variables.

On paper, I love it: new + multi-sports = challenge+++. In reality, it's a tad more complicated. There are 2 sports (out of 3, it's a lot) at which I am not that good... Your guess?

The BIKE part... I like biking. But I've always seen it as a nice stroll. Not like a sport. Ask the playboy when we go for a ride: I'm always on the back, wandering, looking around, commenting on everything I see. So, am I able to truly ride a bike, as a sport? No idea.

The SWIM part... First, let me tell you I know how to swim. That's a relief... Even better: I like it. BUT, I am bad at freestyle. That's bad... I am good at breaststroke. I can go for lots of laps. Freestyle? I am suffocating after one lap. And I go faster with breaststroke. I never saw triathletes swimming breaststroke.

I added bike rides to my training. Let me tell you it's not convincing. I am a snail. And yet, I make sure my quads are burning and I am out of breath.

I will gather my courage and go to the pool. I know I will feel bad. I know I will look stupid. I know I will get discouraged. And I know I will be impressed by the other swimmers. But, to do triathlon, I have to swim. That's it.


I thought taking the month of November to go easy and to think about everything would be enough. But, I am still unsure of what I can/cannot do. I don't have a clear goal in mind. I hate that. So, for now, my plan is:
- I go back to a more structured running week
- I carry on trail running with the playboy for his long runs
- I keep trying with my bike
- I go to the pool

GOAL: assessing if I can do a triathlon or not, and keeping my "running fitness".

It's far from ideal, especially for someone like me who loves specific goals. I will start on that and reassess. One sure thing: I am 100% with the playboy. I see his goal a little bit like mine too. I'll be there, in February, to keep his spirits up. He will finish his 30K. For sure. As for me, we'll see.

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