My first marathon [epilog]

Better than "The Hunger Games", as eagerly awaited as the next "The Lord of the Rings" saga movie: my first marathon epilog. After telling you all about the race in itself (2 parts: [1/2] - [2/2]), there's one more thing.

So, where were we?... I just crossed the finish line. I was getting back to my senses. The playboy came to my side, behind the gate. He looked at me with a smile and said one thing:
"You will run Boston."


I had declared, beforehand, that if I enjoyed this first marathon, if I liked this new-to-me distance and if my time was not too far from the BQ, my next challenge would be to train to qualify for Boston. I was already excited about the idea. I had checked the Boston qualifiers around, for Spring 2015. Ready to train for it.

But, I hadn't checked the qualifying times. As always: don't get too excited and then be disappointed. I knew it was hard. I just wanted to run my marathon and I'll take it from there.

The fact is... Santa Barbara Marathon is a Boston qualifier. I knew it. The night before the marathon, the playboy checked the qualifying time for my age group (3:35). He knows me. He didn't say a word (nothing about the fact he checked and nothing about the time). He realized I might be able to make it, on my 1st marathon.

At the finish line, he was even more excited, waiting for me. BQ or not? The cherry on the cake. He was proud to tell me about Boston. My response: disbelief. It made me realized my time was good. But, I thought he had made a mistake. It couldn't be true, right? But, it was true. 2 challenges done in 1. BANG!

Boston 2016

As you may know, I'll have to be SUPER patient. I qualified for Boston, but Boston 2016. I have time to train! (and to loose my fitness, and to hate running... so much optimism, right here!)

But, it doesn't matter. GUYS, I WILL RUN BOSTON!!

The results

Let's talk a little bit about the results.

The awards ceremony was only for the overall categories. There were age group rewards too, but you'll have to go check the awards table.

The playboy pushed me to go and ask. He didn't exactly know how many women were in front of me but he was sure they were few. I didn't dare going. I thought it was pretentious. "Oh, Hi! I think I deserve an award. Don't you think?". Well, I went and, yes, I got an award: 3rd place in my age group (women 30-39).

I am proud of this little baby. And, this one, NO WAY, I didn't even suggest the playboy to borrow it to put it on his desk, at work. It's mine.

Last thing. On marathon evening, I checked the race website. I wanted to see if the results were up. They were not (actually, they were but I am stupid and didn't see the link to get to them). But, I saw the official press release. I was distractedly reading it:

"Blah, blah, blah... good weather, hot. Everything went fine. 1st man-1st woman, half marathon... 1st man-1st woman, marathon... Top 5 women, marathon:

1- .... - 3:06:39
2- .... - 3:10:11
3- .... - 3:19:48
4- .... - 3:20:04

WHAT?! It was MY name. There, on the press release. Happiness, pride... OK, it's not the Berlin marathon. We agree on that. It's a small, not well-known and without big names athletes race. But, STILL, it's gratifying.

Detailed results: (click to enlarge)

Overall: 35/860 - Women: 5/415

My own reward

Lastly, I KNOW you were wondering. YES, after crossing the finish line, I got what I was so eagerly waiting for.


My first and major source of pride was (and still is) the fact I finished my first marathon and I trained for and raced it the way I wanted to. The results, the award, it's just a bonus. Very enjoyable, but only a bonus. And, actually, my race, I WON IT. Where is my trophy?!

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