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I didn't give up Pilates. It's still my workout of choice for strength training. Not a cardio workout, not a pure strength workout. Precise and efficient moves in order to tone and define the muscles. But, still, not an easy workout. Grandmas Pilates is not for me. I tell you about my last discovery to be able to bring Pilates I like at home. And I share with you my favorite videos.

Pilates YouTube playlist

Thanks to my new love for YouTube, I got more interested in playlists. I decided to create one to bring together all my favorite Pilates videos, ones I actually did myself and liked, in a same and only place. It can help you get started with Pilates, and, for me, it's a great way to find exactly what I want when I am looking for a workout video. Strength training is fully integrated into my marathon training. I want it to be efficient. That's why I got back to my first love: Pilates.

So, you can now find a playlist dedicated to Pilates on my YouTube channel. At the moment, the videos are coming from only one source: eFit30. I'll add more depending on my findings.

my YouTube channel: Marjolaine RAPOG
my favorite Pilates videos: Pilates playlist

eFit30, online fitness videos

The YouTube channel, eFit30, is made of all types of fitness videos, including Pilates ones. That's the ones I was interested in. The videos are hard, long enough and not "girly" as other ones. I know and use videos from Blogilates. That's (or is inspired from) Pilates. I still regularly do videos from there, but the girly aspect of it kind of bores me. With eFit30, it's more simple and basic.

YouTube channel: eFit30
Pilates videos: Pilates

I don't know if all the Pilates videos are worth it. I have 2 favorite teachers and I kept it here for now. It's simple, without fuss. I am back to basic Pilates exercises. There is no wasted time. It's efficient and, most of the time, focused on the whole body. And, with that, we can enjoy the Australian accent.

Caitlin's videos

Example: 30 minutes video / lots of different moves / basic Pilates

Sophie's videos

I put 2 of them because Sophie is my girl crush. After my first video with her, I decided we were now BFF. And I would gladly take her abs too.

I know it can be hard to figure out what is Pilates. It can be slow. It can be modified. Everything depends on the teacher. Here are videos which show you the Pilates I like. Try them out! And don't forget to let me know your thoughts.

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