July on the go

Helloooo! Is anyone here? July went so fast: running, surfing, hiking, biking, skating, swimming, family, road trip, tourism. Not enough time to spend in front of a computer screen. I will be back to my usual routine and back here. Let's start with a recap of my month of July.

Family time

In July, my 2 brothers came to visit me in California. It was their first time in the USA. It means lots of things to do/see/try/discover. Between a visit of Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, I didn't miss the opportunity to do sports with them: running for one of them (I didn't manage to convince my little brother), skating for the other, surfing and hiking for everyone. My eldest brother flew back to France, but my little one is still enjoying California with us.

(guys, I am risking my LIFE posting this photo on my website... but we can clearly see I don't have to worry, I can handle my little brother)

Road trip

We left for a week for a road trip in Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California. We impressed them with that kind of views... (we were impressed too!)

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ - Monument Valley, AZ - Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, AZ - Zion National Park, UT - Bryce Canyon National Park, UT - Death Valley National Park, CA

(just click on each photo to see a bigger version)

Californian way of life

California = surf. It goes without saying. My brothers made their debuts as surfers. I stepped up my surfing game a notch FINALLY succeeding in standing up on my board. But, you already know that if you are following me on Instagram. I don't stay up for a long time yet. But, you know, slow progress is still progress. The playboy managed to surf an entire wave, last Sunday. Let's be honest, I am a tiny bit jealous...

Talking about the playboy, he decided to start skating. Just like me, he's been a Californian at heart for a long time (skate for him, surf for me). My little brother decided to follow the trend and bought a board too. So, I have 2 skaters in the house. I tried skating too but I am a chicken (even if, when I was little, I was skating downhill, belly on the board and head in front... Mum, did you know that?). Surfing is fine by me: you fall in the water. Skating: you fall on the ground... So, I follow with my bike.


Finally, don't worry, I didn't end my love story with running. Quite the opposite, it's getting stronger and stronger. I'm training for the Santa Barbara Marathon. I started my training plan weeks ago (we'll talk about that). I reached new distances. I am trying out paces on these new distances. I am also trying to cook/bake my own running fuel. I am in a love-hate relationship with my hydration belt. It's great!

What about you? How's summer so far? Sporty or not? New goals? New sports? What did you do?

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