A run in my head

"Running is great! I LOVE running sssooo much! I am flying. I could run for hours." That's my thoughts while running... except... no, it's NOT!

Let's say it's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining and the sky is bright blue. I lace my shoes and I go for a run. Let's go! Come with me, in my head.

« What a perfect way to start the day! This weather is gorgeous. It would be a shame not to go outside and take advantage of it. »

« Hi, lady with a dog! Good morning, old man! Oh, I really love the Americans. They are so friendly, always smiling. And it's contagious. I do the same now. »

« It feels like I am flying. Running is like a second nature now. I should probably slow down a little bit. There is no point to start that fast. 9 min/mile pace? ... oh, ok... that is why it felt so comfortable. »

« Never mind, we HAVE to start slow, anyways. I'll pick up the pace after a mile. »

« Still, let's try to go down to a 8 something min/mile pace. It shouldn't be THAT difficult. »

« Oh gosh, a hill... Stay calm. Focus. »

« My legs hurt. I didn't even push. I am so bad at hills. I have to train for that. »

« Hills training? I want to stop just thinking about it. It is too hard. And, see, it's not even efficient! And, anyways, it is meant to be difficult. Nobody can climb a hill and be like "yeah I love running up a hill! it is so easy on me!", right? »

« Maybe there are people like that... I HATE those people. »

« Ppffiioouu I feel better now. I am going downhill. I LOVE going downhill. And, see, my pace is great! Don't get too excited, just remember you are going downhill. Yeah, this one is meant to be easy. »

« So, what did I say I will do today? Speedwork: 4 x 1 mile... really? I may be wrong. It seems like I did that yesterday! ... ok, no. I didn't even run yesterday. »

« Still, my legs are tired. Training wisely is REALLY important too, right? And when your body is telling you it is tired, you should listen to it, right? »

« Ok, cut the bull**it and do whatever you have to do. At least, speedwork is about speed. SO, you'll finish earlier. Just imagine if you had to do a 10+-mile long run? Yes, we are on the same page now! GO! »

« One repeat done. It was hard. Just breathe now. You have 45 seconds to slow down and breathe. 5 seconds left, WHAT? Already? »

« My legs are on fire and, maybe, my lungs will explode. It may happen, right? WHO KNOWS?! And that would be stupid. I am no athlete. Why do I do that, anyways? »

« Slow-down time FINALLY! How does it come time is flying when I rest and not when I have to run hard? Maybe, I made a mistake. oh, gosh, no, I didn't. I have to start again in 4, 3, 2, 1! »

« I can't breathe! What is the point in running, anyways? That is so stupid. And I am not even halfway through my repeats. I may die on the side of the road, and nobody will know. All that for what? Running? I may not even like running! What is likable in running? I will tell you: NOTHING! »

« Why are you smiling at me, lady with a dog? Can't you see I am dying right now? Is it funny? I HATE the Americans and their big smiles. Ok, I just say hi and she'll be happy. »

« And this sun. It is so HOT! There is no shade. Not surprising I can't breathe. It's not a suitable weather for a run. It is not safe. I should have known better and not gone out. »

« Repeats done. Oh gosh, THANK YOU! I don't even know how I made it. But I did! I feel so good! I deserve a GOOD breakfast. It's the least I can do. »

« Now, let's go back home. Wait... remember this wonderful downhill on your way down? Yes, now, you have to climb it. Oh gosh... »

Running sucks! But, I guess I like it.


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